Malta Bulletins 2001


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Wake Up!


Letters to the Malta Independent, 26. January 2002

Wake up and put your foot down

How long will it take for the local authorities to wake up and find the guts to put their foot down to the shame being heaped upon all Maltese citizens due to the barbaric behaviour of a few trigger-happy cowboys?

Are the votes of a few selfish morons more important than the image, or should I say what is left of the image, of all Maltese citizens? Who will pay for the irreversible damage being caused to the name of Malta in the eyes of the whole world?

When will somebody be accountable for the non-stop abuse by the so-called hunters who completely disregard all laws and have no respect for anyone other than their macho egos? How brave one must be to kill such graceful, helpless creatures who are foolish enough to visit our shores!

We can only consider ourselves cowards for remaining idle and letting this barbaric act pass by as we have done on so many previous occasions. When we place our ballots in the next general election, maybe we should remember the swans and reflect on what will have changed by then.

Shame on all of us if we allow this situation to go on.

John Borg


Eurobirder/Proact-Malta David Conlin 2001