Trashing Brochures
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From The Malta Independent June 16, 2001

Every trashed brochure is a little victory

To prove my letter to you (published yesterday) here is the full text of a forwarded message from Eurobirdnet:

"Doubtless many of you have been following the sterling efforts of David Camilleri and David Conlin to draw attention to the massacre of migratory birds in Malta the latest article on the slaughter of Night Herons being the latest in a long line of atrocities.

For more details please see: < http://proaction.tripod. com/maltabulletins/ >

I sat back and tried to think of a way of how a group of thousands of people could hit back hard at the Maltese government and it crossed my mind....

When you pass by a tourist/travel agency and you have a minute to spare, pop in and ask for all the brochures on travel and tourism in Malta.

Advertising is a major expenditure in the tourism business... it costs. Once you have a good bag full take them for recycling. Each time you pass a travel agency go in and ask for some more, week-in, week-out.

When they won't give you any more send your wife/husband/kids in.

Ask them (the Maltese tourist authority) to send a really lovely big pack of info, to you, your friends, your mum and aunts, wherever they may be... it's what Hotmail, Yahoo and the others e-mail addresses are for... and recycle it.

One-off glossy brochures are very expensive to produce and youll be depriving other potential visitors to Malta of the possibility to see the material. I'll probably get some flak for this suggestion but if it begins to spread and bite you can be sure of a legislative reaction on the part of the Maltese. Please forward this message to sympathetic groups and individuals and do your part. Malta has a small population (400,000 people... not Spain or Turkey) and more than 10 per cent of the total population is employed in tourism-related activities. Every trashed brochure is a little victory, a little nudge to the legislators and law-enforcement agency that the political support enjoyed by the hunters doesnt pay the bills."

David Camilleri
New York City, US


Eurobirder/Proact-Malta David Conlin 2001