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From The Malta Independent August 28, 2001

Bird-slaughter exposed

We spent five weeks in Malta a few years ago but, sadly, we won't be coming back nor will we recommend any of our other American friends to visit Malta. In fact, we will attempt to convince them to go anywhere but Malta.

Why? The annual bird slaughter that takes place in Malta can no longer be accepted by a civilised world.

We are contacting every American newspaper travel section editor with a description of the slaughter, along with every wildlife conservation and ecological group we can find an address for. We will also be contacting Brussels in regards to Malta's entering the European Union.

For such a long-civilised place, it is a wonder to us that the Maltese people not only condone the barbaric slaughter, but appear to revel in the killing of any living thing that flies over the islands.

How can a place so beautiful be so backward and barbaric?

They are your islands to do with as you wish, but the bird life that seeks sanctuary on your islands during their migration belongs to all of us.

Malta's selfish butchering of these creatures will no longer be your best kept secret.

Prepare yourselves for some really bad world press.

Mr & Mrs Ingo Van Lattann


Eurobirder/Proact-Malta David Conlin 2001