Concessions on Environment?
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Times of Malta, April 24, 2001

Concessions requested from EU in environment chapter

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joe Borg, yesterday listed in parliament the derogations and transitional periods requested by the government as part of negotiations with the European Union in the chapter on the environment.
The requests are as follows:
Gradual removal of leaded petrol - three years; VOC emissions resulting from the storage and distribution of petrol - two years; drainage purification - six years; dumping of toxic substances in the sea - six years; quality of potable water - three years; integrated pollution prevention and control - one year; emissions from large power generation plants - three years; control of incidents involving dangerous substances four years; elimination of methyl bromide - four years; recycling and reuse of packaging waste - permanent exemption; article seven of the directive on the recycling and reuse of packaging waste - three years and retention the present method of packaging for non-alcoholic drinks - permanent exemption.

Dr Borg said the government was also insisting that on accession Malta would retain those hunting and trapping traditions which developed as a result of the island's bio- geographical circumstances

He was answering a question by Nationalist MP Dolores Cristina.

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