Futile Campaign?
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From The Malta Independent June 28, 2001

Futile anti-hunting campaign

Of all letters that have lately been published in yet another futile campaign to discredit the local traditions of hunting and trapping, "No bird-watching tourists" (TMID, 14 June), beats one and all.

Can anyone really believe John Girdley's (a UK travel agent apparently specialising in bird-watching tours) heresy, that he is emotionally acting against his commercial interest and destroying Maltese holiday brochures, thus preventing his potential clients from visiting our islands.

In the Federation for Hunting & Conservation Malta (FKNK)'s books, John Girdley, in all probability an integral part of the above mentioned crusade, is either committing financial suicide or in all likelihood generating more funds from other destinations.

John Girdley should seek advice from the local chapter of Birdlife if he has a sincere interest in sending bird-watching tourists to Malta, and not follow David Camilleri's advice the eccentric Gozitan local patriot residing in the USA, who cowardly uses the Internet to spread his venom against the Maltese Islands and its citizens.

As to the anti-hunting campaign by means of letters to the editor from foreign sources that we have been witnessing once again lately (a similar trick was attempted again to no avail in the early nineties), in the opinion of the FKNK, the newspapers editors should not fall into the trap. Such letters will only produce the reverse effect.

As far as the FKNK is concerned, we might as well comfortably lie back and do nothing, since such letters publication will only contribute towards ensuring we will still practice our sports as at present, EU or non-EU.

Silvio Borg
Secretariat FKNK Council


Eurobirder/Proact-Malta David Conlin 2001