Bird-brained (?) Hunters
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From The Malta Independent July 09, 2001

Bird-brained Hunters

Thank you for the publication of the article by David Conlin of Germany about the complacency of Maltese authorities regarding the fate of migratory birds passing over the Maltese islands.

Having been to Malta and witnessed personally the pointless massacre of birds around the islands, and been intimidated by hunters on Marfa ridge while merely walking around looking at birds, I strongly welcome your contribution to raising awareness about this problem.

Though I met some really nice people in Malta and enjoyed the fish in the restaurants, I have decided never to come back because of the attitude towards wildlife. The government really ought to do something about the situation. It is very disheartening and appalling to go into the countryside and only hear gunshot after gunshot.

It gives such a bad image and terrible reputation of barbarism to an otherwise quiet place. When friends have asked about possible holidays to Malta, I've felt compelled to discourage them. It really shouldn't be permitted that a minority of bored people who can think of nothing better to do than kill anything that flies can cause such irreparable damage to the country.

It is really sad to look at the empty skies of Malta and know that the only things that can fly are a few sparrows near buildings and pigeons around the towns.

John Mujinga



Eurobirder/Proact-Malta David Conlin 2001