Pillars of Hercules
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From The Malta Independent July 26, 2001

The Modern Pillars of Hercules

According to Grecian mythology, the Pillars of Hercules were the gate to the new world the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea.

Although Gibraltar, and not Malta, is supposed to be the site of the Pillars, there are good grounds for conferring this honour on Malta today.

Then two pillars of democracy exist on these islands, which are now also figuratively at the gate to the new, waiting world the European Community. I mean, of course, the important fundamentals of a free and unbiased press and the principle of majority determination.

The first of these fundamentals has been ably demonstrated since I took up the cudgels on behalf of migrating birds over Malta earlier this year. I have been very impressed with the topical, even-handed coverage of topics by The Malta Independent; and not just on the hunting subject - so much so that I have subscribed to the online news service so that I can get my daily 'fix' of Maltese 'gossip'. Keep up the good work.

One of the points that you regularly touch on in your editorials is the view of the, sometimes too silent, majority on the islands. This interests me, in particular with regard to the hunting and trapping lobby and their influence in government. Where does the real majority lie? What of the women's lobby? I have yet to hear of any female hunters in Malta, and they are traditionally the less aggressive sex. Indeed, the matriarchal influence in southern Europe is a well-documented fact.

It is time to stand up and be counted, and prevent Malta's image and reputation being misrepresented by a vociferous and reactionary minority. I would welcome contact from Maltese and Gozitans who would like to show that not only 'meddlesome foreigners' are concerned about the future of the Maltese and European natural environment.

Thank you again for the chance to use this first-class and informative forum.

David Conlin
Berlin, Germany


Eurobirder/Proact-Malta David Conlin 2001