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from The Malta Independent, December 08, 2001

We should be thinking more globally

I have read with interest the debate between Iain Robson and Lino C. Farrugia concerning the illegal hunting of migrating birds on Malta.

Although I will probably be considered another interfering foreigner, I feel that as we enter the 21st century we should be thinking more globally and speak out when we see something we believe is wrong.

The migrating birds in question spend perhaps two to three days a year on Malta. I spent two weeks this September, which would make the birds more foreign than me, but there does not seem to be any compunction about interfering with their migration.

I came to see the birds but also to go walking with my wife. Unfortunately this was somewhat curtailed by the intimidating atmosphere created in the countryside by the knowledge of the illegal activity surrounding us.

This I feel is probably the main point, whatever the views on either side, this activity is illegal.

Although I believe that Mr Farrugia was probably misinformed about the birds he shot in the UK being migratory, the fact that he was able to shoot more game birds than he has in 30 years in Malta, is because the shooting is controlled, with fixed close seasons and completely legal.

Robert Horne

West Sussex, UK



Eurobirder/Proact-Malta David Conlin 2001