Animal Rights
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From The Malta Independent July 24, 2001

Stand up for animal rights

I was horrified to read in TMID of 18 July that the Agriculture Minister is authorising the cutting of male piglets' testicles without anaesthetic. Yes, dear reader, without anaesthetic. This is surely done by hardened 'people' with no feelings for these innocent beings.

No wonder sensible and sensitive tourists are avoiding Malta like the proverbial plague. Gone are the days when we could get away with everything. In these times of e-mail, the Internet and extensive media coverage, words and ideas spread out quickly. No wonder we and our Spanish brethren were branded as the cruellest people vis--vis animals. That's why chilling things are happening on a social level. All the jigsaw pieces fit nicely.

There isn't even one miserable member of our highest institution who is willing or able to stick his wringable neck out for innocent animals. There was one, once - the valiant Dr Stanley Zammit. For some reason, he disappeared from the political scene.

Suddenly, all members of parliament seem to love animals intensely. Where are our policemen when dog and cock fights take place? Illegal hunting? And are all the rabbits during the so-called Imnarja really dead before being skinned to the monotonous sounds of ghana?

And when Labour won, what had Dr Fenech Adami's surname to do with tormenting rabbits? What a poignant and miserable nation. Instead of moving with the times and developing this once highly polished gem Malta into eco-tourism, we are moving at a brisk pace towards being ostracised by the civilised world. We are not approaching globalisation, but global isolation.

When the human heart hardens, no amount of tenderising softens it people who really love animals have lost the ever-words, reason, reporting, shocking photographs, and even letters like this have little effect.

What we need is two things:

One, hit the pocket hard. This is happening now, with sensible tourists boycotting us.

Two, a really militant animal rights lobby. Remember, the law is not on our side.

Lest I forget, dear Minister Zammit. If the animal rights bill is left in your hands, words fail me. Be a man of honour. Order, at least, the humane castration of these innocent creatures. This piece of horrid news will be the next blow to Malta's black reputation.

While innocent piglets are being castrated, spineless members of parliament are castrating our nation. How I crave sensitive and sensible intellectuals in parliament. How I long for people with heart at the palace - people who care.

Dare I mention three as an example, who I have never met, people like Prof. Friggieri, Dr Ph. Farrugia Randon, and George Peresso. It doesn't really matter in which folds they find refuge. We need humanity. That's the magic word.

Finally, I have started buying The Malta Independent, since it seems to be honestly concerned with animal rights and issues.

Simon Micallef


Eurobirder/Proact-Malta David Conlin 2001