Christmas comes
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from The Malta Independent, December 17, 2001

Christmas comes but once a year...

.... the migrants twice.

Let us use this season of traditional peace and goodwill to all men positively and, in the newer age of New Year's resolutions, pledge an end to violence against our fellow men and the animals and birds who share the planet with us.

Coming from an Irish family I was, like many Maltese, brought up in the Catholic tradition. My mother often read me "stories" from the Bible; often those concerned with God and Jesuss love for animals, especially birds. Francis of Assisi was one of my Mum's favourite saints as well.

Being a well-read, tolerant and far from religiously-bigoted lady, she also impressed on me (and the other 8 younger children) that the Moslem, Buddhist and Hindu faiths also required our understanding and respect.

Very applicable and necessary at the present moment. As a parallel, she also quoted the love and care all of these religions proclaimed in our dealings with the other beings with which we share this world.

Let's think in these terms this Christmas and beyond. We as humans have the power to radically conserve or destroy our planet - for better or for worse. Let it be the former; the animals, birds, our children and our childrens children will be the beneficiaries - or victims of what we do or omit to do today.

David Conlin
Proact, campaigning for birds and their habitats


PS. My mother is, at 88, alive and quite well, living in a rest home in Cyprus.


Eurobirder/Proact-Malta David Conlin 2001