Boycotting Malta
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From The Malta Independent July 02, 2001

Boycotting Malta

You Maltese are responsible for an ignoble massacre which I have personally witnessed over the past years, ever since I started to encourage people to visit foreign lands except Malta.

This year alone I have taken 75 to Pantelleria, 39 to the Isole Pelage and 46 to the Eolian Islands. I told my clients that the Maltese have no respect whatsoever for nature.

I can assure you that when I told them, and showed them films and photographs of the massacre of birds that fly over Malta, many became very angry.

I am now working to get many travel agencies to boycott your island and I am already succeeding.

Perhaps Malta is still a lovely place, but the Maltese, the way they behave and defend those who fire on birds, are uncivilised people who do not merit anything except scorn.

Roberto Boranga


Eurobirder/Proact-Malta David Conlin 2001