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from The Malta Independent, December 21, 2001

Christmas Reflections

At Christmas reflect on sharing the pleasure of migratory raptors with the rest of mankind I would like to add to the sentiment of David Conlin's letter of 17 December.

Christmas is a time of goodwill and sharing what we have with others. At the moment, many of the migratory raptors which flew over Malta during the autumn will be in Africa where they can be enjoyed by the local people there.

In the spring they will head north where large concentrations will spend a few days in Malta where they can be enjoyed by the Maltese (and the many tourists who come to Malta to enjoy them). The birds will then continue to their summer breeding grounds in Europe, where they can be enjoyed by those Europeans who were not lucky enough to visit Malta to see them in the spring or autumn.

If these birds are shot, they may give a few seconds' pleasure to one individual hunter. If they are allowed to use Malta as a resting point in their amazing journey between Europe and Africa, then thousands of fellow human beings can share the pleasure of watching these beautiful and magnificent birds.

Louise Hutchby

West Sussex, England


Eurobirder/Proact-Malta David Conlin 2001