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From The Malta Independent May 21, 2001

BirdLife has called on the police to take effective action to stop illegal hunting

"As migration intensifies, it is glaringly obvious that the
Administrative Law Enforcement unit (ALE) are hopelessly overstretched and understaffed to cope with the abundance of law infringements occurring daily.

BirdLife receives daily reports of injured birds of prey, bee-eaters and other attractive species. "A shift of just eight police officers is totally inadequate for controlling the thousands of shooters spread around the islands and the surrounding sea" according to a statement issued by

BirdLife say .....that over 1,000 protected birds were shot down in the Buskett area in September 1999 alone.

According to the BirdLife figures, in the first four months of this year, the Administrative Law Enforcement seized over 500 protected birds from hunters. "When one considers that the figure is the effort of a severely understaffed team, one begins to realise that such a haul is barely scratching the tip of the iceberg" said a statement.

"For all the arguments about Malta's small size and alleged insignificance, the ornithological value of our country vis--vis European bird population is nevertheless confirmed in BirdLife International's authoritative Important Bird Areas, which lists no less than five sites in Malta which are classed as ornithologically important to European bird distribution" BirdLife said.


Eurobirder/Proact-Malta David Conlin 2001