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The LAC is holding a Press conference in Rome on 8. November 2001. The main aim is to announce the result of a survey on hunting of small passerines in Italy (87% of those interviewed were opposed!!). In addition the continuing campaign against erosion of the EU Bird Directive by the new Italian government will be covered.

Proact will also get a mention for their support, presented by one of our Proact Italy Team.

I have prepared a short press handout, shown below, for translation into Italian.

The outcome of the press conference will be reported on in due course. (few reporters turned up; but the rsults of the poll nevertheless got good coverage.)

David Conlin
Proact Coord



At the end of September this year Proact was approached by the LAC for support against the decentralisation of certain legal powers from central to regional government in Italy. This proposal, to be put to the Italian parliament would, if implemented, totally negate the protection afforded by the European Union Bird Directive.

In a rapidly organised campaign the Proact Team and other concerned European citizens wrote numerous letters of protest to Premier Berlusconi and members of the Italian parliament. These letters are available in English and Italian.

Proact further supports continuing efforts by the LAC, and numerous other concerned Italian groups and individuals, to stop the annual flouting of Italian and European legislation by the mass killing and trapping of protected bird species. These are an ever-dwindling pan-European natural resource which must not be wiped out by an ignorant and vicious minority.

Proact will contest relentlessly such pointless, barbaric and archaic threats to birds and their habitats, whenever and wherever they occur in Europe. We have a duty to nature, society and future generations.

David Conlin
Proact Coordination
Berlin, 5 November 2001

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