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Cyprus Conservation Foundation appearance before the Council of Europe

From a mail to Proact 01. December 2001:

"We have just come back from the Berne Convention meeting at the Council of Europe. It was quite successful in more or less the fashion of the Gore/Bush fiasco last year. We won - but we 'lost'. A lot of lobbying by us got almost all the national delegates on board, but unfortunately the Secretariat was strongly opposed to opening a file. So, although delegate after delegate unanimously (except for Cyprus) spoke out on the day in favour of the opening of a file, the Chairman inexplicably announced that the floor was 'divided' on the issue, and that he therefore suggested the opening of a 'non-file' or the 'non-opening' of a file - a unique fudge of truly amazing proportions! So that's what we've got. The Cypriot national delegation are regarding it as an open file and say that the message they will give the Government is that it has one very last chance to do something. If we have to report no progress next year, there is no doubt that the file will be formally opened. The UK delegation also took on board that the time for lip service is now over, and that we MUST see action. All in all, quite a satisfactory result and one we can exploit here."


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