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Use the links below to access the draft texts, change them according to your personal style, and send letters to the selected newspapers in the UK.

For the rest of Europe, and those outside the continent, feel free to use the texts as a basis for letters to your own national or local press.

1. Use the texts as a ROUGH BASIS only for letters or mails in your OWN STYLE and WORDS. Most print media have no interest in publishing identical letters.

2. Look up the email address of YOUR OWN NATIONAL OR REGIONAL newspaper. The research required to list newspapers throughout Europe is too much for me alone.

3. You have a better chance of getting your letter read in YOUR LOCAL PAPER - and of reaching an interested and perhaps sympathetic audience.

4. Write also to any PERIODICALS AND MAGAZINES (environment general - or just birds) to which you subscribe.

5. If you get anything published, LET PROACT KNOW (or send an internet reference) at the email address below. Such FEEDBACK helps us to make our CAMPAIGNS MORE EFFECTIVE. I will then supply a snailmail address. If you are hard up I might even refund your postage ;-)

David Conlin

Proact 2001