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Letter to the Minister for Home Affairs

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The Minister for Home Affairs
Dr. Tonio Borg
Casa Leoni
St. Joseph High Road
Santa Verena CMR 02

Dear Dr. Borg,

You will be aware of the international interest in the bloody flaunting of nature protection laws on the islands of Malta on a regular basis.

These shocking biannual bloody of dead and injured migrating birds have, thanks to modern means of communication, been widely publicised in Europe and beyond. Quite apart from the effect this will undoubtedly have on income from tourism, the impression is gained that the responsible authorities, out of disinterest or through lack of the proper resources, are unwilling and unable to seriously tackle the problem.

As the responsible minister for the police corps and other enforcement agencies, we urge you to ensure that the necessary resources to prevent and eradicate this regular criminal and barbaric activity are put at their disposal.

The shortage or lack of trained and properly equipped personnel are undoubtedly among your primary concerns in this field. You will know that, starting from the year 2000, Malta as a candidate country is entitled to receive technical and financial support for the transposition of the Community acquis, for participation in Community programmes and certain Community agencies and for increasing the Maltese administrative and judicial capacity. We recommend that you give a high priority to an application for assistance with environmental policing and enforcement. Suitable projects might include the improvement of communications in remote areas, enhancement of the mobility and thereby presence of the police by land and sea throughout the islands, and provision of training for, say, Wildlife Liaison Officers, who are deployed in some EU member states.

As a popular tourist destination, Malta will be increasingly confronted with the benefits - but also the problems that the developing and growing Ecotourism phenomenon brings. The importance of a general awareness of environmental legislation and problems at all enforcement levels, and a well-trained and equipped specialist unit or department, for the control of criminal lawbreakers and ecotourists alike, will be of increasing importance to your country.

Although you are certainly faced with many conflicting priorities in the field of home affairs, we urge you to give this matter your personal thought. Apart from the importance of effective and tangible legal enforcement within Malta, you will, as cabinet minister, have an interest in maintaining the external image of your country. In this respect, consequent action against the regular slaughter and trapping of migrating birds will be of considerable benefit to the image of Malta as a whole.

I remain,

Yours sincerely,

David Conlin

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