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Proact and the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

Proact membership has just topped the 900 mark. In 2000, encouraged by a CABS email campaign which I and others contributed to, I wrote this:

"In Autumn 2000, following the nominal success of 'La Petition' against an extension of the hunting season in France, a mail campaign was organised against the efforts of the Italian MEP Michl Ebner to circumvent the European bird protection directives.

The success of this relatively limited and rapidly organised campaign encouraged me to set up a mechanism for concentrated, well-researched and limited conservation support campaigns with the emphasis on birds and their habitats in Europe and its periphery."

In the meantime we have initiated and supported campaigns worldwide.

This was the foundation stone for Proact. Over the past seven years I have had increasing contact with CABS (a direct translation of their real name in German - Komitee gegen den Vogelmord) culminating in their asking me to translate their website into English in order to reach a wider (mainly European) audience. The website is finished - insofar as any website is (it will be regularly updated and added to) - and interest from English-speaking countries is increasing.

In July this year (2007) I was asked by CABS to consider joining them on their autumn bird protection camp on Malta - a great privilege for me. I did not hesitate in accepting their offer and got to know and like a very dedicated, committed and friendly team. The camp as a whole was a great success - see:

CABS - Komitee gegen den Vogelmord

but it is quite clear that we will need to repeat the process on Malta for several years. This is clear from CABS operations in Italy, also reported on here

CABS in Italy

which have led to increasing success an a decline in illegal hunting and trapping in CABS areas of operations.

CABS is a non-partisan and politically independent organisation which finances its operations and necessary day to day work solely from donations and members' fees. I would heartily encourage all Proact members and supporters in Europe to support this effective and efficient organisation. Others of you overseas have your own local and regional and national problems; but it is well worthwhile - if your financial support for birds is directed at support of organisations close to home - to keep up to date with CABS' activities via the website as an example of what can actively be done to protect birds and their habitats worldwide.

At present it is only possible to donate a one-off amount to CABS using the online payment facilities at

Donations to CABS

In Germany it is possible to become a 'sponsor member'. They support CABS through regular monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual donations and receive regular accounts of CABS activities. In this way they can be sure that their donation has been effectively and properly used.

If there is enough interest I am certain that we can organise a means for those outside Germany to become a sponsor member. If you are interested please send me a mail with the subject "CABS SPONSORSHIP" and we will work on the problem.

I look forward to hearing from many of you.

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David Conlin

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