Protest Letter/Mail Text


Protest Letter/Mail Text
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Protest Letter/Mail Text
Protest Letter/Mail Text

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[A Proact Team letter, with currently 90 signatures, will be sent to all postal and mail addresses in addition to individual contributions]


1) The official (state-run) Planning Agency

Laugavegi 166
150 Reykjavík

Skipulag - the State Planning Agency

2) The National Power Company of Iceland

Haateleitisbraut 68
103 Reykjavík

The National Power Company of Iceland

3) Norsk Hydro

Norsk Hydro ASA
N-0240 Oslo

Norsk Hydro

4) The Minister for the Environment, Iceland

Ms. Siv Fridleifsdottir

Environment Minister

Please also copy to the Icelandic Nature Conservation
< >
and the Association for the Protection of Icelandic Birds
< >

Iceland in winter

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Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,

We are writing to you to express our grave concern over the reported plans for the Icelandic National Power Companys Kárahnjúkavirkjun hydroelectric project in the incomparable Icelandic Highlands. It is incomprehensible that such a project, with severe consequences for the nature and environment in Iceland, should have the support of the Icelandic government.

It is hard to believe that official sanction could be given to such a massive intervention in the natural environment, with far-reaching effects for some 3% of the countrys landmass. Not only that - the largest coherent wilderness in Western Europe, the heritage of past and future generations, will be destroyed.

It is particularly worrying that the prospect of causing irreversible damage to the natural structures and relationships, by the diversion and redistribution of rivers and complete drainage systems, does not appear to have been considered. The consequences of building dams and reservoirs in order to produce energy for an, as yet to be built aluminium smelting works, in co-operation with Norsk Hydro, will have critical and long-lasting consequences for Iceland. The acceptance of the expected effluence and toxic emission levels, which are expected to increase current national values by over 30% (!), are irresponsible not only for Iceland and its population; but also global in terms of climate-warming and pollution.

The habitats for many forms of flora and fauna, over an area of 3000 square kilometres, will be destroyed or seriously affected by the planned project. Iceland will be in breach of several international agreements including the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, the Bern Convention on Conservation of European wildlife and natural habitats and the Agreement on Diversity of Species. In particular the important habitats of many bird species are threatened, some of them on the Icelandic Red List of threatened species. These include the Red-throated Diver, Slavonian Grebe, Pink-footed Goose, Gyrfalcon, Whimbrel, Red-necked Phalarope, Arctic Skua, and Snowy Owl.

We urge you to reflect that Icelands nature is a major capital reserve which will be depleted when the numbers of tourists which visit each year significantly decrease. The attraction which brings them to your shores, and encourages them to contribute their dollars and euros to your economy, is the intact and unspoilt nature which your island has to offer. When this disappears to a marked extent, which will be the logical consequence of your plans, the tourist economy will suffer. As for factories, there are more than enough of these in the rest of Europe and the world without Iceland adding to the global environmental burden. Only a minority will profit from this massively destructive project and Iceland as a whole will benefit little from the short-term financial profits.

We appeal to you to review this project to the benefit of the natural environment of Iceland. In the affected region natural phenomena exist which are unique natural occurrences and part of the region is a declared nature reserve.

We hope that you can be persuaded to abandon this pointless destructive project and instead direct your efforts into the creation of the largest national park in Europe a development for which present and future generations of Icelanders and foreign nature lovers will be eternally grateful.

We remain,

Yours faithfully,

[Add Name & Address]

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