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The Current Situation

STOP PRESS 26.08.2001: The National Power Company - Landsvirkjun - intends to appeal against the EPA report and ruling. Send those mails NOW!

I received 2 mails from the President of the Icelandic Nature Conservation Association, Arní Finnssson, yesterday (24. 08. 2001). The texts are given below:


Dear David,

please see our website for an English translation of the ruling on the Karahnjukar Project.

We did win. Thank you for your involvement and contribution.

Best wishes, Arni.

See the link below for the full text. The final paragraph reads:

In accordance with Article 11 of the EIA Act, No. 106/2000, the Planning Agency has examined the materials submitted by the National Power Company when notification of the proposed project was made under Article 10 of the same act, and also specialist opinions, comments, criticisms and replies to these made by the National Power Company.

With reference to the Planning Agency's conclusions, which are presented in Section 5 of this Ruling, the agency opposes the Kárahnjúkar Power Plant of a capacity of up to 750 MW, as proposed in two stages and four sub-projects, on grounds of its considerable impact on the environment and the unsatisfactory information presented regarding individual parts of the project and its consequences for the environment.

National Planning Agency Ruling

I congratulated them on Proact's behalf and added:

"..Our involvement was on a small scale, and fairly late in the campaign; but every little helps these days. We are always here when you need us in future."

I had begun to celebrate when the second mail arrived! It began:

"Well, I do think your (Proact's) contribution was worth a lot.
Would it be possible to direct some attention to Norsk Hydro in order to force the company to withdraw from the project? It is something which really could have effect."

The mail went on:

"The National Power Company has until 5 September to appeal to the Minister for the Environment, who is to rule on whether the Planning Agency's ruling is correct or not. The Environment Ministry then has 8 weeks to prepare her ruling on the matter, i.e. end of October.

Although the ruling by the Planning Agency is very, very good in terms of research and argumentation, it is certain that the Environment Minister will do her utmost to overrule it. Also, the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, chairmen of the two coalition parties respectively have launched a public smear campaign against the Planning Agency and its assessment.

Whereas Icelandic politicians will stop at nothing, I believe Norsk Hydro has a reputation and image to defend. A well-composed letter to the company from hundreds if not thousands of people could force the company out of this project. Especially, if such letters are copied to one or two of the Norwegian media.

Do you think this is possible?"

To Arni and whover else it concerns:

Of course we can, and will! Proact sees things through! Click on the links below (or on the sidebar) for what you have to do! Please take the time to send ALL 4 MAILS!

David Conlin and the Proact Team

When sending mails, please try to at least to amend the subject (printed above the text in block capitals) this gets round simple mail filters that recipients may install when they realise a campaign is under way!