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The Managing Director
Norsk Hydro ASA
N-0240 Oslo

Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,

It is remarkable that despite international protest over the Kárahnjúkavirkjun hydroelectric project, in which you have a strong vested interest, you have neither reacted to communications sent to you, nor made your position clear publicly. Your internet website makes no mention of the project - the aim of which is to enable you to build and operate a vast aluminium smelting plant.

You will no doubt claim that you do not wish to meddle in internal Icelandic affairs. Others would comment that this is typical of the arrogance of global concerns such as yours; like the big bad wolf in the Nordic tales you will only show your teeth when your prey is within striking distance and there is no chance of escape.

The publication of the Icelandic Environmental Planning Agency's report on the unacceptable impact that this project would have on the environment is no doubt being carefully studied by your experts. The message for environmentalists, conservationists and people who just care for the few unspoilt natural resources worldwide is clear: the project must be abandoned.

We urge you to accept defeat gracefully and accept the conclusions and ruling of the EPA report. We hope that you will now inform Landsvirkjun that you are withdrawing from the project; this will make any further action on their part superfluous. In doing so you will contribute considerably to the future of the natural beauty, the variety of species and stable environment of Iceland.

In the interest of preserving for future generations a part of what little is left of the once diverse European landscape we remain,

Yours sincerely

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